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Neurobiological Foundations of Psychotherapy

Feel free to read my text in english about psychotherapy:

The author presents the results of neuroscience, and neuropsychoanalysisthat support empirically many conceptualizations made bypsychoanalysis of clinical phenomena related to human functioning,and the therapeutic relationship. The purpose of the text is not areduction one field of knowledge to another, but the emphasis theimportance of cooperation in the field of research on the functioningof the human mind and brain. In this sense, the author refers to themain principles of the new field of knowledge, which isneuropsychoanalysis. The text attempts to look at the phenomenon ofpsychopathology and psychotherapy through the prism of the latestneuroscience research. In particular, the paper mentions the issue ofsystem of memory and learning, the question of intersubjectivity, andthe mirror neuron system, as well as a description of the neuro -behavioral PLAY system. The text discusses the concepts and ideas ofvarious neuroscientists, as well as theoreticians and practitionersof psychoanalysis: J. Panksepp, V. Ramachandran, D. Stern, D.Winnicott, W. Bion, T. Ogden. In the last part of the articlepresents the TFP treatment developed by Otto Kernberg and his team,as a method that specifically implements the conclusions of neuroscience.

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Lacan - kontrowersyjny i fascynujący

Jacques Lacan. Dla jednych geniusz, dla innych hochsztapler.

Lacan jest niewątpliwie współcześnie jednym z najczęściej przywoływanym psychoanalitykiem w naukach humanistycznych. Nie oznacza to jednak, że taką samą estymą darzą go sami psychoanalitycy. Trudno się dziwić, sam na to Lacan ciężko zapracował. Krótki film o nim właśnie: